Why are you giving away your watches?

If you've been lucky enough to get in on our Free Watch Promotion, you may be a bit skeptical of how we operate. We are a very transparent business and our model is a proven way of marketing our brand. The idea behind the free watch promotion is to get our brand out in the open. All of our free watches are old stock that we need to get rid of to make space for our new collections, and instead of putting them on sale, we would rather do something nice and give them away! Ok  we're not just being nice.. We run this free watch offer so that you are wearing our products and can share our brand with your friends and family. It's a great way for us to get new customers who will buy our full-priced range! 

Why is there a Shipping Fee?

We have to charge a shipping fee so that we can deliver the watches to you :) We wish that we could just send them to you completely free, however this would become a huge cost for us! Most other online stores also charge shipping, so we aren't the only ones that have to add this extra cost on! We hope that you understand!

Are the watches waterproof?

No. We do advise our customers that the watches are resistant to water splashes and light rain, but we do not advise that you wear your watch in the shower or submerge it in water. 

Why do you send the free watches in a plastic slip?

We have to reserve our watch boxes for our full-priced range as these are a big cost to us. In order to be able to offer free watches, we have to send them in minimal packaging. We do wrap the watches in foam however, so that the watch is protected. 

Do you use safe payment services?

Yes. We ensure to keep our customers and their payment information completely safe by only using PayPal and Stripe as our payment processors. These processors keep all of your credit card and bank details hidden from us and anyone else. All we see is the billing address and your shipping information.

How long will it take for my watch to be delivered?

Please refer to our shipping and handling page here for more information on shipping. 

I ordered more than one watch, and only part of my order has arrived. Where is the rest of it?

To speed up the processing time, we often send our watches out separately. We also work out of warehouses across the globe, so if one of the watches that you ordered has sold out at your nearest warehouse, we will ship it from another. 

My Watch has arrived and it is damaged! What do I do?

Oh no! We apologise for any inconveniences caused by damaged watches! We always ensure to check that the quality of the watch is up to standard before sending them out, but occasionally watches can be damaged whilst in the post. If your watch has arrived damaged, please take a clear photograph of the damage, and send it to us here, and we will organise to send out a replacement, free of charge :)

Do you offer Cash on Delivery?

No, we do not offer COD at this time. 


You haven't answered my question on this page. Where should I turn for more info?

If you have read through our FAQ's and still have a question, please contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can :)